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Five ways to boost the security of your South London rental property

As a landlord, it’s important that you prioritise the safety of your tenants. This means increasing the security of your rental property to provide maximum protection against theft, break-ins, vandalism and other events that could potentially harm your tenants.

Fortunately, there are plenty of measures you can take to do this, which can help to give you and your tenants peace of mind. Using our experience of operating in South London locations such as Richmond, Putney and Mortlake, here at Parkgate Estates we present you with five ways to increase the security of your rental property.

Install a security system

Having a security system in your rental property is one excellent way of ensuring the safety of your tenants and their rental home. This might seem like a hefty investment, but it could be the difference between a tenant choosing your property over another one. Security systems can be used to sound an alarm when there is unauthorised access or use motion sensors to detect movement.

There are a variety of security systems available, so it’s essential that you select the right one to suit your property and its needs. You will also want to make sure that the system includes the most important features, such as door and window sensors, smoke alarms and motion-detecting lights.

Secure the windows

While most windows are fitted with a mechanism that stops them from being opened from the outside, it’s still possible for intruders to break in, especially if the window doesn’t require a lock. However, you can prevent this by installing locks on your windows.

Alternatively, you can install window sensors, which will sound an alarm if your windows are ever tampered with. Some will even send an alert to your smartphone, letting you know immediately when your property’s security has been breached.

Add external lighting

External lighting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase security and can help to make tenants feel safe. Most motion sensor lights can detect movement up to dozens of feet away in every direction. You could opt for solar lights as an alternative, that way you won’t need to worry about changing batteries or using up electricity.

Consider fitting lights near the main entrances of your property, as well as lighting on the driveway and back garden if you have one.

Secure your main entrances

You want to make sure all doors in the property are properly secured. Most entrance doors have deadbolts installed on them but having double-cylinder deadbolts can prove to be more secure. It helps if all entry and exit doors of your property are made of solid, heavy-duty material – such as steel or wood. Also, try to avoid hollow wood doors or doors with any type of glass, as they are more susceptible to break. It’s worth encouraging tenants to use door jammers as an added precaution.

For increased security, consider fitting chain locks and peepholes on tenants’ front doors. Tenants will be able to see who is outside through the peephole without having to open the door, while the chain locks will allow the tenant to crack open the door and still have extra protection with the chain.

Double check the legalities

Before undertaking any work to increase the security of your property, it’s advisable to double check the local laws and the contract you have with any pre-existing tenants. For example, it is illegal for the landlord or tenant to remove or change any locks without consent from the other party.

You may also need to add an addendum to your lease to cover any new security measures you make. Lastly, you will want to put any agreements in writing, ensuring that both you and the tenant sign the agreement.

Renting your property can be a very good investment, but it’s important that you keep your property (and your tenants) safe in the process.

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