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The 5 best things to do in Richmond to support your wellbeing

January is always a time to reflect and make plans for the year ahead. Lifestyle choices are often scrutinised, and diets are started and many of us jump in to Veganuary with great enthusiasm.

Living in Richmond, we are blessed with an abundance of open spaces, beautiful places and a wealth of things to do. So, keeping in mind the need to rebalance our lives after the indulgences of Christmas and New Year we have given some thought to create the ideal list of local things to do in Richmond that will support your health and wellbeing.

5. Power cycling or a gentle ride

Richmond is ideal for cyclists of all abilities. The perimeter road around the park is around 7 miles so if you are a seasoned cyclist and used to a workout the main steeper hills in Richmond Park are Dark Hill and Broomfield Hill (in between Kingston and Robin Hood gates) and the long Sawyer’s Hill between Sheen and Richmond gates which starts as a very gentle incline but gradually gets steeper and steeper resulting in a great workout.

For a gentler alternative you can take the flatter part of the park but always make sure you stick to the roads and designated cycling routes. Going off road can result in a fine.

No bike? Don’t worry. You can hire a bike at Roehampton Gate from Park Cycle. You can find out more details and availability here.

4. Take the Tamsin Trail

A walk in the park is never a bad idea. Think of all those calories you can burn off. The Tamsin Trail through Richmond Park is one of those ideal walks everyone can do. It’s a challenging 7.3 miles and can take you between 2 and 4 hours depending on your levels of fitness.

The trail circles the park and despite its length you will be pleased to know that there are cafes and refreshment stops along the way so you could make a day of it!

You can find out more about this gorgeous walk here.

3. Grab your camera or your phone

For about an hour, one of the most restorative things to do in Richmond is to take the ‘photographers walk’ through the park. Quite literally grab your camera or your phone and put on your walking shoes and off you go. Richmond Park has some amazing views so you can’t take a bad picture. Starting at Pembroke Lodge car park you can grab a coffee to go in your refillable cup and set off on this 1.5-mile scenic journey.

Our favourite spot? That would be telling. No spoilers here!

Take a look at the route and plan your walk here.

2. Cardio workout with no gym costs!

One way to get a good cardio workout is to take the walk from the Station to the Park. It’s almost all uphill so will get the blood pumping and the calories burning. What’s also good about this brisk 1.5-mile walk is the beautiful Richmond architecture. If ever there was a London borough will no bad angles, Richmond must be it. Whilst pacing up the steady gradient you can marvel at those magnificent Georgians and Victorians building prowess.

Take a look at the route here and make this a weekly exercise routine:

And number one: Whole Foods in Richmond

For a rethink about your diet, we’d recommend the Whole Foods Market on George Street. It’s a haven for delicious food and is quite the retail experience. Apart from the café, they also deliver to your home. But we’d recommend a visit, especially to the fish counter or Genji Sushi.

Find out more about the Whole Foods Market here.

What the Parkgate team recommends

We all know the Richmond area well, some of us live locally too and we’ve tried all these recommendations over the years. A good balance to your wellbeing is important so take a look at our team recommendations for Richmond in our comprehensive Richmond Area Guide. It’s got lots of great wellbeing choices that are more about socialising than just hard exercise.

But then life should be a balance of what’s good for you.

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