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Do I need a board when selling or letting my home?

There is an argument to be made against using traditional advertising techniques when selling or letting a property, particularly when you consider the role of property portals in the modern marketing process.

One hot topic of debate is whether For Sale and To Let boards are still a useful marketing tool for property sellers.

Below, using our experience as estate and letting agents in Richmond, Sheen, Mortlake and Putney, we take a look at the benefits of using a For Sale or To Let board.

They encourage people to buy or let

Typically, people who are looking for a home to buy or let will actively search for one.

However, seeing a For Sale or To Let board also alerts people to availability in the area, which could make them reconsider their current property. This means that someone who hadn’t thought of moving home before could now be willing to do so.

In the same way, the presence of a board could inspire someone to pass information on to a friend a family member that is actively looking to move.

They can attract attention of passers by

A sign that promotes the availability of your home is always likely to grab people’s attention. Those passing by might notice the board and follow up on their initial interest. From that alone, you have secured a potential viewing and possibly an offer at a later date.

Also, due to the power of association, people still strongly link a For Sale or To Let sign with agents and a home being sold or let. As soon as they see one on the street, they instantly put two and two together.

There is also the argument that you need a board up to compete with other homes in your street that are on the market. Placing a sign at your property could give you a second chance to draw eager home hunters in.

Boards provide key contact information

Another strong advantage of For Sale and To Let boards is the contact information that comes with them. Someone walking past could take interest in your home but may not want to knock on your door and ask for contact details.

However, if there is a phone number, website, email address or social media account on hand, they are more likely to make contact for more information about the property.

They make it easier for viewers to find the property

While For Sale and To Let boards create a good first impression, they also make your property stand out instantly in a sea of homes.

Similarly, if you have people coming to view your property, having a board outside will help them to find your home. This saves them stress and hassle, and could allow them to be in a more positive frame of mind when they come to visit the property.

As discussed above, there are some strong positives to having a For Sale or To Let board outside your home. Of course, your chosen agent will be on hand to advise and guide you on whether using a board is the right decision for you, as well as other aspects of the selling and letting process.

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