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Time to spring clean your garden

With the lighter nights here and spring starting to bloom, it’s time to think about your outdoor space if you are thinking of moving home. For some time now outside space has been a real plus and a well kept garden can certainly help your sale along.

The pandemic proved that gardens are a real draw especially for families, so here are our top tips to get your space ready to help you sell. There is nothing too difficult or expensive on our list with most simply requiring some hard work and an investment of your time.

  • Keeping your lawn tidy – A wilderness can be off putting so try to keep things tidy and neat. Remove weeds and ensure you cover bare patches. It doesn’t have to be cricket green quality, but it should look its best.
  • A bit of weeding can help – make sure the weeds don’t overtake the plants. It can help to invest in some bark for your beds but this can be expensive. But it’s a quick way to set off your shrubs and flowers and helps to mulch the soil over the long term.
  • Sweep paths and patios – If you can, it makes sense to jet wash the hard areas. It can completely transform an area and remove buyer doubts about having to replace paving.
  • Check your boundary – It can help to make repairs to older fences and perhaps use a coloured fence treatment to breathe new life into older panels. This can help to remove buyer doubts. New fences are expensive.
  • Those dead plants should go! Last summer was brutal and gardens took a real beating. Lots of established plants did not do well in the heat. So if its dead, its dead. If you can replace lost shrubs and plants. Tidy flower beds can transform a space and some new colour, especially in spring can make all the difference.
  • Sell the outdoors lifestyle – Once things are tidy, why not ‘sell’ your extra ‘room’ by adding some inexpensive outdoor furniture. Shop around for a good deal and remember to get things early as garden equipment often sells out quickly as everyone else has the same idea.
  • Getting in to the garden – Make sure your buyers or potential tenants can get outside easily. Check that doors open easily so that whatever the size of your outdoor space, it feels like an integral part of the property.
  • Outdoor lighting – Enhance outdoor spaces with some lighting. Later viewings can often result in the garden being a little overlooked. Some clever mains lighting or cheaper solar lights can add a certain sparkle.
  • Storage – outside storage can be a real must for many people. A place for the lawn mower and bikes can be a real benefit. Make sure if you have a shed its in tip top condition.
  • Keeping on top of things – We can all be a little time poor, but it is important to keep on top of your outside space. Keeping grass under control and plants watered will help to maximise the impact for every viewer.

Keeping your outdoor space buyer ready will help  sell your property. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth but it will take time and effort.

We think it will be well worth it.

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Image Credit: Photo by Chris Ryser on Unsplash